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This year's Party in the Park will focus on the issues that surround housing for New Cross and Deptford

London is experiencing an ongoing housing crisis. At this year’s Party in the Park 2018, “Tent City” will look at the housing problems our communities face.

We hope to bring together a number of different people to look at ways that the attack on social housing can be challenged. “Tent City” will look at how we can organise to combat the social cleansing of our neighbourhoods and campaign for better social housing provision.

We will also look at what can be achieved via tenant empowerment, and examine a number of innovative approaches to the development of social housing. Focusing on the benefits of collaboration we will provide a platform to groups that wish to ensure regeneration doesn’t compromise neighbourhood integrity.

The itinerary of the event will consist of two panel discussions interspersed by a number of workshops. Throughout the day we also have a number of additional activities that will run concurrently with the main schedule. Festival goers will be encouraged to participate in the Tent City site décor, or the “Landlords in stocks” feature. With a number of spoken word/ acoustic entertainers, and a superb children’s puppet show, “Judy needs a House” we hope to provide something for everyone.



Tent City Schedule

Event Name Event Details
2pm - 3pm Discussion Panel
"What’s happening locally?"
Our first panel of the day will focus on the challenges that gentrification poses to a number of local resident groups.
A number of invited groups will share their experiences, challenges and success of challenging development plans that threaten their communities.
Anne E Cooper: Poet, photographer, writer and contributor to The Pavement Magazine and co author of 306 : Living Under the Shadow of Regeneration, Save Cressingham campaigner.
Diann Gerson and Heather Gilmore: Save Reginald Save Tidemill campaigners, 16 maisonettes in Deptford under threat of demolition and Tidemill Community garden
Emily Jost: We Saved Northwold Campaign. Tenants and leaseholders who fought Guinness's demolition plans and won. Now holding them to account re: infill plans, maintenance and preserving social rents
Paul Watt: Professor of urban studies at Birkbeck, Paul has written extensively on regeneration and social housing, neighbourhoods and communities
Martin Williams: Achilles Stop and Listen Campaign, Achilles Street resident / campaigner, area of New Cross under threat of demolition, includes homes, small businesses and community spaces.
Panel hosted by Andy Worthington, journalist , activists and founder of No Social cleansing in Lewisham.
3 pm - 3.15pm Break
3.15 pm - 4.15pm Workshops
  • Sainsbury’s New Cross a Community Land Trust?
  • Tenant empowerment
  • Resistance Networking
4.15 pm - 4.30 pm Break
4.30 pm - 5.30 pm Discussion Panel
"Tenant Empowerment and what can be achieved via collaboration"
A number of different panellists will be asked to share their thoughts and insights regarding Tenant Management Organisations, Housing Co-operatives and resident led Housing associations. Examining the various ways that community collaboration can facilitate new social housing provision, the panel will explore the potential of community land trusts and how such groups can pressurise developers to fulfil the will and needs of the community.
Abigail Hammond, Nettleton Housing Co-op member since 1985 , Nettleton housing Co-op houses 36 people and brought up two children in the Co-op.
Leonie Weber Member of Sanford housing Co-op and development officer, studied architecture with a particular interest in self builds and the possibilities of Community Land Trusts.
Ben Beck Member of Five ways tenant management Co-operative
Gaius Vincent Social Housing Action Campaign (SHAcC) and Housing Association Resident Action.
Andrea Carey Fuller Co-ordinator of DNA ( Deptford Neighbourhood Action) and activist and campaigner
Panel hosted by Dermot Finn, member of Three Boroughs Housing Co-op, Board member of Hexagon Housing Association
5.30 pm Social Housing Quiz with Prizes!
6 pm End of Event

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