About Us - Back for 2016!

Despite the poor weather, 2016 witnessed the best Party in the Park to date!

About Us

Posted on Aug 27, 2016 at 11:00 AM

Party In the Park is an event organised by various community groups in the area around Fordham Park. The festival's origins can be traced back to the Deptford Urban Free Festival. Party in the Park is a community event for all ages, with family events, arts and crafts, stalls, spoken word, as well as local bands and acts for all tastes from disco to reggae, punk rock, soul and folk.

In both 2013 and 2014 the event provided a large range of food stalls, a New Cross Inn beer tent. MADCAP entertained - providing games and competitions with lots of prizes. The festival in 2014 had a health and well being "Detox city" area, and stalls that promoted the work of community projects such as, The Lenox Project" Grow Wild, and stalls that promoted the great work that housing co-operatives do.

Local press coverage heralded both the events held in 2013 and 2014 as hugely successful. To help with sponsorship please visit our sposorship page or if you want to contact the events organisers, please use or contact form.

Community Groups

Who organises the event?

Posted on Novemberl 15th, 2016 at 6:10 PM

A number of different community groups and local businesses collaborate to make Party In The Park happen. To date we have had a dedicated number of people directly involved with the events organisation. Planning for past festivals has involved a number of fund raisers. These events were successful in raising money for and promoting Party In The Park.

In the run up to this years event - we are hosting a number of benefit events and gigs. These up and coming events are vital for the funding and promotion of Party in the Park. Check out our " Up and Coming" events page, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get up to date details.

We particularly have had a lot of help from two organisations - New Cross Learning, and MadCap Coalition. Great live music has been provided by Siren Sound and Reknaw, and we have had some great DJ's, such as Softwax.

“In its day, Urban Festival was the alternative Glastonbury. This party is being organised by local people for local people and it’s also a celebration of local talent – the musicians and artists you’ll be reading about next year. And unlike so many festivals today it’s absolutely free.”

Kathy Dunbar, New Cross Learning, Chair

“We think the Party in the Park embodies the spirit of New Cross: this is a brilliant community and people have come together to volunteer their time and local organisations have sponsored the party..”

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