party in the park 2016

Party in the Park held in 2016 was the group’s largest festival to date despite enduring some poor weather.

Five different stages provided a wide ranging assortment of live music and performance. The community was regaled with mix of live rock, reggae, and punk performances, and treated to the latest innovative techno and drum and bass sounds. We are about audience participation – whether helping out in site decoration in the lead up to the festival or involvement in arts and craft workshops on the day.

In supporting and providing a platform for local community issues, “Tent City” sought to highlight housing concerns that threaten the community. An awareness raising hub, Tent City brought housing activists and residents together to address issues relating to gentrification and social cleansing.

The 'Albany' and 'Circulate' brought 'BLOCK' a show by 'No Fit State Circus' and Motionhouse to the festival. The crowds loved the outdoor circus spectacular!

Everyone had a great day, despite some rain. With a wide variety of food and drink, bric-a-brac and merchandise, festival-goers were able to enjoy refreshments throughout the course of the day. Our friendly stewards were on hand to keep things going smoothly and to plan. In their volunteer role, the stewards helped ensure that everyone experienced a safe, secure and jolly day out.

party in the park is an event organised by various

community groups in the area around fordham park

organisers and sponsers

Building upon the success of the festival in 2016, Party in the Park wish to host an even better event in 2018. With the continued support of Lewisham Council we intend to apply for a Premises license for next year’s summer festival. Though we have held a number of fundraisers in the past, the summer festivals we’ve held have been possible as a result of sponsorship from organisations and businesses from the local community. We wish to build upon these relationships whilst also forging new links within the community.

see our sponsors page for details on how you can help for 2018

special thanks to 2016 Festival organisers
new cross learning
extra special thanks to 2016 festival sponsors
the Birds Nest
Three Boroughs Housing Co-op
Pinnacle PSG
Lewisham council
brockley Brewery

get involved

All PITPNXD meetings are public so please get involved!
With your help and active participation in the planning now and co-ordination support on the day we will again enjoy a successful and fun experience for all attending.

What is a Party in the Park?
Lets agree to get together and celebrate our public parks, mix with all people in the neighbourhood to share entertainment and information about our lives, eat and drink together in a safe and inclusive environment, experiencing the fun and excitement of a party.

A thanks those who have made the event possible up until now
The Party in the Park New Cross and Deptford can only take place with you running it. In 2016 and 2014 before, many dedicated local groups and inspiring individuals devoted time and energy in preparation and co-ordination, during the construction, promotion and clearup of the park. Special thanks to the many volunteers and supporters of the event who helped finance, monitor and steward on the day. All those who contributed to the crowd funding initiative and helped stage the entertainments made it all possible.

Download AGM Report - AGM-report.pdf

A report on how costs are covered
It’s time to consider how best to provide for the expenses of the pitpnxd in 2018. We raised £12k last year by holding fundraising events, appealing to the ‘crowd’ for cash, a stage bar merchandising revenue (t-shirts, program, badges) and catering concessions all contributed.

This year we carry forward the float of £500 from previous events to cover licenses and promotion costs in the lead up to the party where the costs accumulate. Staging and power are the greatest costs despite much donated equipment and time. They also present the toughest logistical tasks to co-ordinate build and strike. We all need feeding whilst working, thats the least we can offer each other and which suits the food concessions as they get their stalls discounted per plate on the day.

Suggestions for what is needed to hold the event again
A the risk of repeating the message ‘everyone get involved’ and list your preferences. Uplift the spirit of enthusiasm and enjoyment for public celebration and community life. Time to get a sense of purpose for who else will be interested and how to get involved yourself. Discover how to hold a party in the park and taste the fun of collaboration in meeting other local people working for creative and memorable experience. Lets all meet together again with this shared aim to host a PITPNXD in 2018.

balance sheet

income: total = £9487
Sponsorship £3000
Fundraising £4926
merchandise, programme, etc £600
catering concessions £360
outgoings:total = £9401
cost of merchandise sales £400
marketing & print £1343
staging and production costs £3420
catering £936
security £1470
toilets/fencing etc £1832
balance at bank: £601*
*Does not include costings for holding AGM
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